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Hi, I’m Matt. I have been performing magic for over two and a half decades now – 23 years professionally and 8 as a full-time magician/entertainer.

Ever since I first learned to juggle at ten years old, my mum would leave me in a juggling shop in Manchester called Mushy Pea (long since shut down) whilst she’d do her shopping.

Juggling shops were never busy (shocker!) so the guys would take time to teach me all kinds of circus skills in there which really furthered my interest in variety entertainment. A guy called Simon ran a magic department towards the back of the shop which also sparked my interest.

He was kind enough to teach me a few tricks which led my brother to buy me a magic deck of cards for Christmas. I became obsessed with learning all the tricks I could possibly do with them and that obsession has continued to this day.

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Interview by Guy Kilty for Creative Forces

My Magical Journey

I cut my teeth as a street entertainer and magician where it was immediately apparent that I wouldn’t get paid enough to treat myself to new tricks unless I learnt how to build a crowd and keep them entertained. Enough money to buy new tricks was a massive draw for 14 year old me and my obsession, ahh, the days before I discovered girls were far simpler.

Just one year later I had progressed into performing all over the country as a magical illusion act. I boasted quite the impressive entourage while doing so, recruiting my dad as a roady, girlfriend as an assistant and an extremely talented grandad as chief illusion builder. My favourite times were myself & my dad, dogsbodying for my grandad whilst we developed and he expertly built the next big trick for the show.

As a team we continued doing this until I went to university to study Theatre Design at Bretton Hall in West Yorkshire, writing my dissertation on the use of magic and variety in theatre.

Following graduation I became a Physics teacher but with performance and entertaining still having its hold on me, I continued to perform at weddings, corporate dinners, kids parties and other events. This led to me forming the ‘Matthew J Magic & Variety Arts’ company and ‘The Magic Matt Show’ back in 2006. I ran the businesses alongside teaching 7 days a week but took 6/7 weeks off every summer which led to another obsession of mine, adventure travel.

Skip forward 6 years I was leaving to travel and explore the world for 12 months. On my return I became a full-time entertainer, which leads us to where I am now … ish.

The Variety Of A Magical Journey

Travelling to see and experience paths less trodden and making people smile are my two passions, and I consider myself very fortunate to be able to do both as part of my career.

I always remain committed to finding new ways of sharing these interests with the people of Yorkshire, the UK and beyond, and as a result love working on a variety of projects. My Magic Masterclass, Letterbox Magic subscription for kids and Circus Education, for instance, work towards teaching and entertaining at the same time. More recently I’ve carved a bit of a reputation as a motivational speaker for young people which is just an incredible experience.

About Matthew J MagicAbout Matthew J Magic