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Beginners Magic Masterclass

A few years ago I set about working on a way to help those with an interest in magic learn some amazing magic tricks they can share with their friends, family and colleagues. I wanted to teach some easy to do yet impressive magic tricks that were not the standard card trick every uncle can do.

The Beginners Magic Masterclass was born and I taught over 350 budding magicians over the next couple of years. As my business of actually performing expanded a few years ago I ran out of time to schedule these classes as regularly as I used to but you can find details of any coming up further down this page.

With the experience I’d gained teaching the classes I had the tutorials professionally filmed, you can find all the details about the online beginners magic masterclass HERE, the content is very similar to that of the live class.

The beginners masterclass available online

The beginner’s masterclass is now available online, get access to the online tutorials and amazing your friends and family. Just click the button below to take you through to my magic tuition website, Letterbox Magic.

The Live Beginners Magic Masterclass

This particular class covers the basics of cards, coins, close up magic and a certain secret little item that no magician should ever be without. If you’ve ever fancied trying your hand at performing something different, now really is your chance to take the first step on the magic ladder and learn some really impressive magic tricks.

Providing a winning mix of taught and hands on content, the Masterclass offers one to one magic guidance from me, your professional magician instructor. You also have the opportunity to share your new skills with fellow trainees in the on-site bar.

All of the required apparatus, which includes exclusive magic notes that help with remembering the tricky bits, is supplied. Learners can then take these home to both continue and further their development.

Magic classes are held in a city centre location in Wakefield, this class is ideal for those based in or near the Yorkshire area. Though the package is geared towards adults, it is suitable for people aged 14 or over. It’s worth remembering, however, that anyone under 18-years-old must be accompanied by a chaperone.

**All Beginners Magic Masterclass students get lifetime access to the online video tutorials**

Magic Masterclass Matthew J Magic

Private Magic Tuition & Team Building Sessions

If you don’t fancy learning in a group environment and would like your own individual magic lessons or just for you and a few friends, that’s something I can certainly do for you. It might be that you’ve already been to one of my Beginners Magic Masterclasses and you’d like to take your magic to the next level, please feel free to get in touch for a chat and we can discuss what will work best for you.

Many UK businesses have enlisted my help to work with their colleagues, teaching group magic lessons as part of a team building programme. This unique team building exercise is something that really breaks up a day of seminars and the opportunities to interact with each other and learn together are plentiful.

Private lessons are typically around £89/person depending on location, duration and number of guests. Many requirements are very different so drop me a message with what you have in mind, I can make some suggestions and we can work out the best option.

I’ll happily issue you with a voucher so my magic lessons make an ideal gift.

Why should I learn some magic?

Learn impressive, easy to do magic tricks.

Learn magic from a professional magician.

Over 350 magic students have taken the live class.

Unique and memorable team building activity.

A few kind words about the class

I think there were a couple in the comments on my old tutorials page but don’t know if you still have access?