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Christmas Party Magician 2020

Entertainment For Your Christmas Party

So you’ve been given the task of organising the Christmas do, happy days. December is one of my busiest times of the year so I get to perform at loads of Christmas parties. My key role here is to entertain your colleagues and guests to help create the buzz and atmosphere at the work social event of the year.

I perform magic to small groups, bloody good magic too, getting them clapping, laughing and joking then leaving them with something to talk about other than work and why Phil from accounts is trying to get it on with any girl that’s joined the company in the past 12 months and wasn’t here to witness his shenanigans last year.

A cheesy magician in a playing card tie and an ill-fitting suit is not my remit, I perform in an up to date, polite but entertaining style, engaging the party guest and giving them a great experience.

Likeable Magician

People seem to like what I do, you can read loads more on my testimonials page but here’s a quick one for you from Chantelle at KCOM (only the biggest independent telecoms company in the UK but I don’t like to mention how awesome my clients are.

“Thank you for making it so easy and smooth to arrange a booking for our Christmas party, you exceeded all of our expectations and left us in shock at your magical ability! There was no other plausible explanation so we came to the conclusion you’re a real life wizard …and a super cool one at that!”

See, I’m “SUPER COOL”, told you.

Why should I book a magician for a Christmas Party?

Amaze and entertain your colleagues with thing’s they’ve never experienced before, right under their noses.

Spark conversations avoiding small talk, creating a buzz and atmosphere naturally with something different that stands out.

Take shed loads of credit for finding something different that turned out to be the talking point of the party, second only to Jake photocopying his naked arse.

Something else to keep Phil occupied so HR doesn’t have a nightmare in January, nobody wants to have that talk again.

More Than Just a Super Cool Magician

You already know I’m super cool, Chantelle said so, Denise stopped short of using the term “Super Hero” but I think we all know what she’s getting at: