Speaking & Presenting Matthew J Magic

Magician, Speaker & Event Host

A Magical Motivation Speaker

I’ve done some random stuff over the years to get to be able to do something I absolutely love everyday. Along the way I’ve gained qualifications in everything from educational pedagogy and Physics to sailing and scuba diving. I get to talk regularly to large groups of people about my journey based on determination and the willingness to embrace a pivot.

The synergies between my core messages; resilience and divergent thinking, are inherently strong with the skills I’ve learnt in variety entertainment and deception for entertainment. Incorporating my skills and stories of my travels off the beaten track with my talk affords me a unique opportunity to communicate a message in ways not available to other speakers.

An Unforgettable Event Host

Awards evenings and special events like product launches are a time for celebrating achievements so it helps if they’re loads of fun, with all the guests wanting to have a great time and get involved. A light hearted message linked to achievement or highlighting the product along with amazing magic tricks and feats are where I really stand so your event will too.

Welcoming guests to events with some close up magic whilst they are mingling, I get to build a rapport but also we build the atmosphere in the venue from the start.

Creativity is key so it’s great to work together before the event so I can tailor my presentation to the event, organisation and/or product. Bespoke tricks and effects add that extra punch to your message and are something I love designing. Bespoke tailoring is not as expensive as you might think with options for every budget so just drop me a message and we’ll go from there.

Why Book A Magician Speaker & Presenter?

Bespoke magic and variety arts tricks designed specifically for your message, company and/or product to ensure they stick in the memory of your guests.

Ensure a smooth flowing event conducted by a professional speaker with over 2 decades of presenting experience, not someone standing staring at a pile of notes.

Relevant and engaging visuals and audience participation so guests aren’t just sitting and listening to someone babble on about how great their career has been.

1 free smile and false chuckle when the CEO or senior governor knocks out the; “can you make my wife disappear” gag, not that this happens often or anything.

“The best one yet!” apparently but I don’t like to brag…