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Sophisticated, Engaging Wedding Magician For Your Special Day

Wedding Magic That Reflects the Class, Style and Wonder of Your Celebrations

I have performed magic at hundreds of weddings across Yorkshire, the UK and more recently a few destination weddings abroad. Definitely not the cheesy, stereotypical magician you may have experienced before. I fit in amongst your guests, amazing them with magic tricks but more importantly conducting myself in a polite and likeable fashion.

I’ve got a proper Northerner’s sense of humour which reflects in everything I do so I absolutely love getting everyone laughing and joking on your special day.

At the end of the day, I’m not there just to perform card tricks, I’m there to create spontaneous laughter, applause, cheers and amazement. An atmosphere every wedding should have and the best ones are remembered for. I love seeing the small groups I perform for share an instant bonding experience together and continue enthusiastic conversation well after I’ve moved on to perform for another group of unsuspecting victims (sorry I mean “guests”).

Professional Party Starter & Speeches Warm-Up Act

At your wedding there are a few times in the day when you will be off having photographs taken or greeting lots of different people. You can’t be everywhere all of the time which is why having a magician like me to mingle, greet and entertain is a great idea. Don’t worry, I always take time to make sure you two get to experience some magic too so you wot miss out.

Weddings are wonderful for everyone but a few of the most important attendees have the impending doom of being about to give the biggest speech of their life. A couple of hours of me performing magic between the service and the wedding breakfast really breaks the ice, letting everyone know that it’s ok to make some noise, clap, laugh and cheer. I like to see myself as a bit of a warm-up for the speeches so your speakers need not have such sweaty palms, I’ll happily take the hit of “going in cold”.

Check Out The Reactions On Those Faces!

Let’s be honest, you’re not really hiring me to just perform magic tricks, what your hiring me for is to create those lasting experiences of your special day and make sure everyone has the most awesome time possible.

At this wedding I took along my GoPro to capture some of the reactions of the guests. If you’d like me to do the same at your wedding so you get to see the amazing time your guests have too, just let me know and I’ll be happy to arrange it for you.

Wedding Magician of the Year 2024!

I’ve been pretty chuffed in the past few years as I don’t really go in for awards but I’ve been nominated for and then won quite a few including the Global Wedding Awards – Wedding Magician of the year, UK Wedding Magician of the Year and the Innovation and Excellence Awards Wedding Magician of the Year (that’s the shiny pretty one in the picture just there back in 2020).

Wedding Magician Of The Year titles; 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022,2023 & 2024, the less we say about 2021 the better as they work a year in advance and I spent most of 2020 in my cabin at the bottom of my garden.

Wedding Magician Matthew J Magic

Why magic and why me in particular?

Magic during the photographs is a great way of keeping guests entertained & an awesome ice breaker.

My tricks are designed to bring groups together, keep them engaged and give everyone some common ground to start socialising.

I love to get people laughing, joking and applauding – all of which add to the atmosphere of a great day.

Some ceremonies are more suited to magical entertainment during the evening reception. A great way to get the party started and give evening guests that little something extra too.

I’m the current Innovation & Excellence Wedding Magician Of The Year with 5 other wedding awards and counting.

With over 25 years of professional experience performing at weddings, I am more than happy to give free advice on anything entertainment related. If magic wouldn’t suit your special day then I promise to point you in the right direction with other ideas.

Got kids coming? I can cater for them too, either as part of my close up magic or as a sit down show, check out The Magic Matt Show HERE which won Childrens Wedding Entertainer Of The Year this year.

I’ll smile politely and even do a little false chuckle when ‘Uncle Knobhead’ uses the “you’re a magician, can you make my wife disappear” line.**

** 1 free chuckle per wedding, the rest of the time I’ll just force a smile whilst biting my tongue behind it.

Let me know more about your event & we’ll make it more magical

I’ve performed at thousands of events, just drop me a message with a little more info about yours and I can advise what magic and/or entertainment will work best for you.