Trade Show Magician Matthew J Magic

Guaranteed Engagement At Trade Show and Exhibitions

Drawing footfall with bespoke magic and variety entertainment

The beauty is, at a trade fair, I’m not personally selling anything. I’m showing your potential clients some magic making them far more likely to stop at your stand than if they’re directly asked if they want to know about your products/services. Once I’ve shown them a trick or two, branded to your goals, I introduce them to the team where they’ve all got a conversation starter (how awesome the magic was) and it’s over to you to make the sale.

Guaranteed to double the footfall to your stand or I don’t take my fee.

Using magic I can comfortably achieve a great deal of engagement, usually around 5 times what would be achieved organically. This is why I can comfortably guarantee to at least double the organic footfall and engagement for you or I will not take my fee for the day.

That means a lot, beard oil & playing cards don’t come cheap these days so if I couldn’t deliver on that, I wouldn’t be so confident in offering up such a guarantee.

Bespoke magic and cost effective giveaways delegates will keep.

The majority of trade stands have the same old business card drops or cheap printed giveaways, you know this because you’ve got a drawer full of power banks that don’t work and 3 headed highlighter pens that you never use.

I meet some delegates again years after an event and they go out of their way to show me that they are still carrying around the details of a trade show client of mine. Better still, they have a story about their experience and are still talking about it with people, showing them the object.

How do you stand out at a trade show?

Having something different on your stand is vital, word gets around the convention and people actively bring their colleagues over to you to see what you’ve got that’s so different. This happens a lot with my magic where delegates come back, bringing more potential clients to engage with me and the company I am representing.

Why magic and why me in particular?

I’m showing people who are being sold to all day something they actually want to see so they’ll stop and engage rather than just walking on by.

I mingle with delegates in a casual manner rather than calling them over from behind a magic booth, that approach seems a bit rude to me.

I’m skilled at quickly (and politely) being able to qualify potential clients so we’re not all wasting our time with those that have literally just come for the free stuff.

I’m not a pretty girl in a tight fitting dress (believe it or not some exhibitors still use this approach) , you’re a classy organisation when drawing your potential leads, I’m there to reflect that.

Helping one of the biggest property companies in the world stand out at one of the largest insurance conferences.