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    The Magic Masterclass as a team building activity

    Friday 26th February 2016

    As some of you probably know, my Wakefield, Leeds and Manchester Masterclasses have helped over 350 individuals to learn the basics of performing magic (in addition to the thousands I have taught through seminars and other events).

    Though many aspiring magicians come along to hone their skills, an increasing number of Yorkshire businesses have started to use the sessions as an activity to help make their staff a stronger collective unit.

    I’m not wanting to bang my own drum, so rather than talk specifically about the Masterclass I thought I’d touch on how the whole ‘team building’ thing can actually be of benefit to local/national businesses and their employees…

    For one, the majority of these kinds of events are fun. As a motivated, engaged workforce is better for everyone, such activities should be viewed as an opportunity to improve morale, creativity and confidence, not just a chance to have a nice day out of the office.  To me doing both at the same time is a win win!

    In a similar fashion to the way that I described it in my Circus Education article, they also allow employees to grow in a scenario that’s not too dissimilar from ‘traditional’ methods – most will encourage personal development, so you’d be surprised at how even being taught a few magic tricks can challenge you to push yourself that bit further.

    If you’d like to know more about my Wakefield, Leeds and Manchester Magic Masterclasses (sessions now ranging from just one hour to the whole afternoon), please feel free to have read here.

    Alternatively, to find out how my magician hire services can entertain your wedding, private/corporate party or trade stand guests, give me a bell on 07838 157 044 or fill out this quick contact form.

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    Matt has been performing magic for over two and a half decades now – 23 years professionally and 8 as a full-time magician/entertainer. Forming the ‘Matthew J Magic & Variety Arts’ company and ‘The Magic Matt Show’ back in 2006.

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