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    Five benefits of hiring a magician for your wedding

    Friday 02nd October 2015

    Roundly recognised as the biggest day of one’s life, weddings are an important celebration for all involved – as well as marking the start of a new family, they also allow guests to share the special moment with their loved ones.

    To maximise everyone’s enjoyment, most couples opt to pay for entertainment to perform at a suitable stage of the ceremony.

    Common ideas here include live musical acts, fireworks and games.

    While each of these provide great fun in their own right, enlisting in the services of a Yorkshire-based wedding magician is becoming more and more popular.

    As a result of this, today I’m outlining five benefits of hiring one:

    1) Keeps guests enthralled

    Guests – particularly during photographs – are likely to need a pick-me-up at some point of the day or night. A wedding magician can ensure that a festive, jovial atmosphere is maintained throughout.

    2) Encourages socialising

    By giving them some common ground to start chatting, joking and laughing, magic is known to bring groups of people together.

    3) Requires minimal space

    Whereas live musical acts generally require a stage and lots of equipment, magicians can work in the smallest of venues.

    4) Makes the event memorable

    Though the married couple are sure to never forget their big day, certain guests might. The addition of someone performing close up magic, however, guarantees that they’ll be talking about the occasion for a long time to come.

    5) Affordable

    In comparison to other forms of entertainment, wedding magicians are more often than not extremely affordable. This could free your budget up to spend in other key areas.

    Having presented my magic at a variety of ceremonies across Yorkshire, the UK and beyond over the years, I can make your wedding truly stand out.

    To learn how I can help you with any of the above, please do feel free to get in touch. You can do so by either calling 07838 15 7044 or emailing matthewj@matthewjmagic.co.uk.

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    Matt has been performing magic for over two and a half decades now – 23 years professionally and 8 as a full-time magician/entertainer. Forming the ‘Matthew J Magic & Variety Arts’ company and ‘The Magic Matt Show’ back in 2006.

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